Changing trends in health care design

Staying in the hospital, even if only for a day, is never a pleasant experience. However, in the past few years, healthcare architecture has witnessed a radical shift in the perspective toward the design of its facilities. There’s an industry-wide movement that’s pushing interior designers and other professionals to shape and design hospitals with a patient-centric strategy: to handle patients with the same level of attention and care a hotel would treat a customer. In other words, we’re now beginning to understand that holistic care and recovery requires more than just employing the best doctors and the latest technologies, but also great healthcare facility design.

Our vision for a great healthcare facility design

Spaces Health’s ultimate goal for healthcare is to enhance patient recovery while making the experience positive for employees and visitors. Some of the key considerations during our design and planning sessions include implementing an efficient workflow to boost staff performance and encourage collaboration. We aim to reduce medical teams’ travel distance, and the risk of healthcare-acquired infections. We also stay current in modern studies and information on the benefits of biophilic design and how to best incorporate that into Canadian healthcare facilities. Achieving these goals while also enhancing patient, family, and staff experience is our primary objective.

The definition of a healthcare facility has changed

It wasn’t so long ago that when you heard the word “healthcare” and immediately thought “hospital”. Today, healthcare is so much more than reactive practicing. Preventative medicine is becoming more understood and widely accepted as a great practice to introduce into our lives, and your facilities should reflect that. From physiotherapy and sleep clinics to pediatric and hospice centres, healthcare is reaching across gender, age, and lifestyle. Another aspect now commonly being added into spaces are family rooms – spaces for people to take a break, rest, and recover so they can better support their loved ones. Our design team comes with years of experience in many different subsets of healthcare and is excited to help you make your vision for your patients a reality.